3 Reasons Why a Turnkey Indoor Grow Tent Is the Way to Go

GrowBoxWhen you’re looking for grow tents for sale, you quickly discover that there are a multitude of grow tent options out there—ranging from bare-bones, no-frills grow tents to turn-key solutions that come with everything you will need to successfully complete your first two grows. If you have never considered the turn-key indoor tent options, here are three good reasons why they are a smart way to go.

No Hassle Finding the Perfect Indoor Grow Tent Equipment Setup

There is a lot to be said for avoiding the hassle of acquiring grow tent equipment piece by piece from a variety of different sources. Yes, you might save a few pennies by piecemealing it together, but you often run into compatibility and warranty issues that can be more headache than they’re worth.

One of the best aspects of buying a turn-key indoor tent is that all of the parts to start your grow are included, and better yet, covered by one company’s warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee (which for Grow Box USA is five years on the tent, three years on the lights, one year on everything else, plus lifetime technical and customer support.)

A Multitude of Additional Indoor Tent Features

Another nice aspect about buying a turn-key grow tent is that you can pre-select any additional features and options that you may want, to make your grow as easy as possible. For example, you select the size of your grow tent, what type of lighting you would like it to have, and whether you want the Ebb and Flow hydroponic feature, the auto-PH adjusting feature, a power converter, a CO2 boost bucket, or internal or external cameras ahead of time, so that when you receive your grow tent it is truly ready to roll out the green.

Everything You Need for Your First Two Grows Is Included

Aside from the assurance that you have purchased every feature and option you could possibly need ahead of time when buying your grow tent, the final benefit we’ll discuss today when investing in turn-key growing tent solutions is the fact that literally, everything is included to complete your first two grows. This includes all of the plant nutrients, the PPM meter, pH adjusting kit, instructional DVD, lifetime support and more. All you need to do is add seeds and water. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

About Grow Box USA

Founded in 2009, Grow Box USA has a mission to provide the world’s finest grow cabinets, grow tents and growing supplies at a fair price. We are constantly testing the latest products so we can provide you, our customer, with the best growing experience possible. With a combined 26+ years of growing expertise, owners Mike and Donny provide top-notch growing advice that you can count on.


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